Beauty Street Style: Beat the Heat with These Double Buns

Rachel Adler

Beauty street style double buns

Name: Shiori
Occupation/What Brings You to NYC: Sightseeing from Japan

During the summer months, we have to take a few extra steps to still look pulled-together in the extreme heat. Shiori, a Japanese tourist who chose to brave the summer heat in New York City this weekend sported some double knotted hair buns, and proved that you can look effortlessly chic even during a heat wave. Pulling all of her hair off of her face and neck, Shiori chose to wind her thick hair into two separate buns (instead of the standard top knot) to keep everything tucked away but with a unique “twist.”

In order to keep this style from looking a bit too much like Princess Leia from “Star Wars,” make sure to pull your hair into two separate ponytails high on top of your head, like you’re styling pigtails. Once your pigtails are at the proper (and even!)¬†height, simply wind them around and pin into place with bobby pins. Spritz with a bit of hairspray for extra hold, and you’re ready for anything.

Photo by Jenny Norris

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