8 Beauty Staples Every YouTube Guru Owns

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8 Beauty Staples Every YouTube Guru Owns
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Of course we turn to beauty websites and magazines for inspiration when it comes to makeup and beauty, but YouTube has to be our number one source for learning how to use products and getting the low-down on everything new and exciting. We seem to have put some serious trust into our favorite YouTube beauty gurus and are constantly purchasing products that they share.

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This brings us to the point that many YouTube beauty gurus see what other YouTubers are using and the product soon becomes a cult favorite. You can see it from being shared on the channels of every YouTuber you watch and of course, it soon ends up in your makeup arsenal. Anastasia Contour Kit? Sigma E40? The Porefessional? Do these ring any bells?

Since we know that these products are clearly put through the ringer by these vloggers, we’re showing you some of the most popular beauty products that seriously every YouTube beauty guru owns – so you can get your hands on them too. Click through the slideshow and check them out now!

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Literally everyone and their mother has been into contouring this past year thanks to YouTubers everywhere. This contour kit seems to be the contour kit that started the trend. As soon as it launched, YouTubers everywhere started sharing their tutorials and it seems to have launched the Anastasia brand into a position that many cosmetic companies dream of. This contour kit combines 6 buttery-soft colors, perfect for defining your face shape that are also refillable. (Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit; $40 at sephora.com )

To go along with the contouring trend, highlighters have also been a more popular product to start using—especially this highlighter by The Balm. This perfectly sparkly highlighter gives you a little glow in all the spots you need it. It's a favorite among beauty gurus everywhere because of it's blend-ability and also it's serious pigmentation. (The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer; $24 at thebalm.com)


This MAC Paint Pot (specifically in Soft Ochre) is absolutely a favorite among YouTubers. The Paint Pot is mostly used as an eye shadow primer to give you the perfect, vibrant eye look. It helps your eye shadow from fading throughout the day and also helps avoid creasing. (MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Soft Ochre; $21 at maccosmetics.com)

It seems that whether YouTubers prefer brushes or sponges, they always own a Beauty Blender and have shared it in at least one of their videos. This little pink sponge is like no other. When used damp, this sponge picks up extra products from places that may have too much and distributes it to places that don't have enough giving you a perfect, even coverage with no brush strokes every time. (Beauty Blender; $19.95 at sephora.com)

Ever since Cara Delevingne stepped on the scene, full, defined eyebrows are all the rage. Tons of our favorite beauty gurus flock to the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade as it gives tons of color and is easy to get super precise with. We love that the color is waterproof and can be blended out to look incredibly natural. (Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade; $18 at sephora.com)

Sigma brushes are incredibly popular on YouTube—partly because they're incredible but probably also because YouTubers can earn commission on whatever they sell through click-through links. Commission or not, we love their brushes and the E40 Tapered Blending Brush is upon their most popular. This fluffy blending brush distributes color perfectly making your eye look super natural and flawless. (Sigma E40 Tapered Blending Brush; $16 at sigmabeauty.com)

You can see almost every YouTube beauty guru using MAC's Pro Longwear concealer—especially in 1-2 shades lighter as a highlight color since contouring has been so on trend. This concealer has a super full coverage which is perfect if you're looking to cover dark circles or any imperfections you may have. (MAC Pro Longwear Concealer; $20 at maccosmetics.com)

This incredible foundation primer can be worn on it's own and under foundation to prime your skin and diminish the appearance of pore and fine lines. It's silky smooth texture allows foundation to glide right on top creating a smooth flawless complexion that every YouTuber loves. (Benefit Cosmetics The Porefessional; $31 at sephora.com)

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