10 Beauty Risks Every Girl Should Take At Least Once

Rachel Krause


We have a decent sense of adventure, but when it comes to our beauty practices, we tend to err on the safe side most of the time—we’ve got our ten-minute routine down pat and our natural-looking foundation application down to a science. That said, taking a risk from time to time is absolutely crucial for keeping a healthy attitude about the way that we look. These 10 beauty risks may sound outlandish at first, but once you get over the initial fear, they’re actually really fun.

A dramatic hair color change.
Some of us are more, ahem, adventurous than others when it comes to changing up our hair color, so while we’re not going to tell you to go platinum from dark brown or vice versa, we do suggest that you give something very different a try at least once. If you’ve always wondered what it would be like to go blonde, stop wondering—just go for it.

A major haircut.
If you’ve had long hair your whole life, your lengths may be difficult to part with, but that’s the best thing about hair—it grows! You don’t have to go from waist-length to a pixie cut, but you’ll be surprised by how much a dramatic haircut can freshen up your look, even if it’s just going for a shorter bob or taking off several inches. Just be sure to go to a trusted stylist to ensure that you’re in good hands.

Exaggerated eyeliner.
Move beyond the standard cat eye and smudged smokey eye and try something more graphic on for size. It seems crazy at first, but thick, winged out liner is actually flattering and easy to wear, especially when worn with otherwise toned-down makeup. Try it with fresh skin and nude lipstick for a fun night out—you’ll be surprised by how complementary the look can really be.

A neon lip color.
Seriously, even the most low-key makeup maven must dabble in a gorgeous bright lipstick from time to time. Though it certainly looks intimidating in the tube to the uninitiated, there’s no reason to fear a show-stopping red or pink. Take some of the anxiety out of the learning curve by outlining with a lip pencil before using a lip brush to blend the color onto your lips for foolproof application.

A head full of Hollywood waves.
You know the look: extensions, barrel curls, a look that doesn’t lie about just how long it took to achieve. Classic red carpet waves may be way too much for the majority of us to sport on any given day, but make a point of giving them a test drive at some point. You don’t necessarily have to spring for extensions, but do feel free to hit the hair salon and ask for a head full of voluminous waves.

Dramatic contouring.
We’ve all seen it on Kim Kardashian, and the difference between her natural, makeup-free face and her post-contouring look is truly incredible. While contour and highlight techniques don’t necessarily work quite as well in every day life, they’re definitely worth trying just to say you did.

Subtly crazy hair color.
Bright blue hair isn’t for everyone—we’ll leave that to Hilary Duff—but it can be really, really fun to switch up your look with just a hint of color, no matter how old you are. You can even try wash-out hair chalk, which will leave a trace of light color on your strands without staining the hair.

Statement brows.
You don’t have to go full Cara Delevingne to get a bold, eye-catching brow look. It can be as easy as simply brushing your brows upward with a brow comb before filling in with powder for a soft, natural effect that adds major definition to the rest of your face. Trust us: A great eyebrow look will change your life.

Lipstick only.
Quit fussing over your face in the morning and opt for the time-tested “lipstick only” look. With the rest of your face bare—you can dab on a little foundation or concealer if you like—simply slap on your favorite lipstick. It’s a true testament to the transformative power of lip color, because it really is all you need.

No makeup.
For some of us, the biggest makeup risk we can take is… wearing no makeup at all. It can feel totally scary and unfamiliar to leave the house without something on, but it’s so important to be able to do you with confidence. This one should be high up on your list.

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