Beauty Resolutions to Make (And Keep!) in 2015

Victoria Moorhouse
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You might love them, or more than likely, absolutely despise them. In any event, those polarizing New Year’s resolutions come with the seasonal territory, and it’s time to start mapping out the things you want to do or changes you want to make (and hopefully stick to) in 2015. Year after year, we make mental “new year, new you” reminders to ourselves (eat more veggies, save more money), and when January 1st arrives, the pressure is on. But the inspiring part about a New Year’s resolutions list is that these positive changes can apply to any aspect of your life, including your beauty routine. And really, who doesn’t need another reminder to take off their makeup before bed?

Whether you need to step it up with the SPF or want to make better use of your moisturizer, we rounded up a few helpful beauty tips and tricks for you to implement in 2015.

1. Take Off Your Makeup
We know that taking off our makeup before our head hits the pillow is of the utmost importance, yet it’s something we struggle to do night after night after night. The result of not? Clogged pores, an increased chance at breakouts, a mascara-stained pillow case, and really unhappy (and possibly dry) skin. Give your face a night of beauty sleep and take your makeup off in 2015. Another reason to take the initiative? Many makeup removers are now formulated with nourishing, hydrating, and gentle ingredients to treat your complexion. Stick a Post-it note on your mirror with a friendly note reminding you to wash off that foundation. You won’t be able to miss it.

2. Moisturize
Visible even under foundation, dry, flaky skin isn’t exactly a desirable state. Not only does it make makeup application more difficult, but, believe it or not, dry skin is often an underlying factor behind many breakouts. 2014 was big year for advancements in antioxidant and vitamin-rich facial oils that hydrate, soothe, and smooth your skin. Whether you’re a nighttime or morning moisturizer (hey, or both!), make sure that it’s a part of your daily routine.

3. Step Up the SPF
Sunscreen application should be taken seriously, as it protects your skin against the sun’s harmful rays that can lead to visible wrinkles, spots and, unfortunately, skin cancer conditions. With most foundations, concealers, and moisturizers containing some sort of SPF, it’s a step that shouldn’t be skipped. However, SPF doesn’t last forever, and most beauty products aren’t formulated with an especially high SPF that will block the sun’s rays for a long period of time. Make sure you’re reapplying throughout the day or even applying a light SPF before your moisturizer and foundation.

4. Stop Overusing Expired Makeup Products
You shouldn’t be slathering your face with expired beauty products. After a certain amount of time, the preservatives in beauty products are no longer at an effective state, making them susceptible for bacteria growth that you would never want to actively apply to your skin. So if your favorite lipstick tube is changing consistency, no matter how gorgeous the shade, it needs to be thrown out. Think of it as another excuse to hit up your nearest beauty store.

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5. Put an End to Popping Pimples
We know, we know. It’s gross, but we’re all guilty, at one time or another, of messing with a blemish when we really should have left it alone. By continually touching a pimple, you’re transferring oils and bacteria to an already clogged or infected pore. There are plenty of ways and products to diminish its size, but attempting to do so by popping isn’t going to make it any less visible.

6. Use a Heat Protectant Spray
With some reaching up to over 400 degree temps, curling wands and flat irons shouldn’t be underestimated. Too much heat styling without a protectant can leave your hair dry, seriously broken, limp, and prone to tangles. Before you pull out your blow dryer, make it a point to work through some sort of serum or cream through your locks. If you’re searching for convenience, go for a spray that you can quickly spritz into dry or wet hair.

7. Avoid Biting Your Nails—And Over Painting
A chipping manicure is hard enough to avoid, don’t actively cause it by biting, and therefore breaking, your nails. You also have to think about all the bacteria that you’re transmitting into your mouth when you bite your nails. Ditch the habit, ASAP. But that’s not the only nail concern to be weary of in 2015. If you’ve realized your nails are slightly yellow after taking off nail polish, your nail lacquer might actually be staining your nail. While this is temporary, it’s recommended to give your nails a slight break between coats.

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8. Try New Trends
Hair and makeup is all about experimentation. While you may know what shades and hues work best for your skin tone, don’t knock a trend before you’ve tried it. From chic low ponytails to wet-looking hair to minimal nail art designs, expect 2015 to present an abundance of chic new looks that are bound to catch on. Why not give one of them a shot?

9. Clean and Replace Your Tools
Clean your brushes! You’ll avoid spreading bacteria to your face and your makeup application will be that much better. You don’t even need a special brush cleaner to do so. A gentle shampoo and water works, too. If the bristles of your brush are breaking, it might be time to throw it away and invest in a new tool. And don’t forget about razors, loofahs, and wash cloths. These beauty helpers need to be sanitized regularly, too.

10. Invest in a Shampoo Schedule (And Product) That Works For You
Not all scalps produce oils in the same way, so you might not have the same shampoo schedule as your BFF. You might be able to go for almost a week without a wash, while your friend has to every other day. If you need a touch-up between shampoos, reach for a dry shampoo for instant oil absorption and a little lift. Similarly, not all shampoo works effectively on every hair or scalp type. Whether you have curly, straight, hair prone to frizz or color-treated hair, there is a product out there for you. Take the time and search for it!

11. Get Enough Sleep
Start off 2015 with a better beauty sleep schedule. Skin repairs itself when you sleep, so for the sake of your complexion, try getting some shut-eye. What’s more? You’ll wake up looking refreshed (goodbye, puffy eyes and dark circles!) revitalized, and rested.