Beauty Recipe: Winged Eyeshadow

Michelle Grossman
pretty eye makeup


After trying every liquid, gel, and felt-tip liner, we’ve finally mastered the perfect cat eye flick. However, wherever there’s one trend in makeup, there’s another one to follow. So, it comes as no surprise that now winged eyeshadow is the look to lust after. Although this super smokey look might seem like it’s even harder to achieve than the original cat eye, you’re in for a pleasant surprise: It’s actually incredibly simple. In just three easy steps you can get the look, so just follow our lead as we walk you through what to do!

Smudge stick: To create the wing for this look, you’ll need to first outline it with a smudge stick. Start from the outward corner of your upper lash line, and draw a diagonal line upwards toward the tail of your eyebrows, then in towards your crease but only 1/3 of the way in. From there, continue down towards your lower lash line, stopping halfway in.

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Black Eyeshadow: Grabbing a black eyeshadow, it’s time to smudge things out. Place the black eyeshadow over where you drew the outline with the smudge stick and blend inward along the line. Be sure to also blend the eyeshadow from the tip of wing into the crease of your eyelid. Once the area is covered, use your smudge stick over the area to blend.

Mascara: To pull off this bold shadow look, you’ll definitely need some big lashes to match. Add your favorite lengthening mascara to elongate your lashes and open up your eyes. For an added touch, go in with a second coat of a volumizing mascara to really separate your lashes and fan them out.