Beauty Recipe: Double Ponytail

Augusta Falletta
double ponytail


No hairstyle is quite as simple as the ponytail, which means that getting stuck in a ponytail rut is a very real thing that happens to all of us. With all of the styles and tricks out there, though, there’s no need to have a boring ponytail when you can mix things up instead. This double ponytail look with a semi-hidden section of crimped hair is incredibly easy but makes a huge impact. Below are the tricks to getting the look yourself!

Flat Iron: Separate your hair into two sections, top and bottom. Clip the bottom half to the side. Use a flat iron to smooth out the entire top half, brushing flat and back with a wide paddle brush. Secure the top half in a high ponytail with a clear elastic. After using the crimping iron and securing the second ponytail (see below), use the flat iron once more to straighten the lengths of the bottom ponytail.

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Crimping Iron: Putting the top half of straightened hair to the side, take out your crimping iron to really give this hairstyle a semi-hidden dose of fun. Take the clipped bottom half of hair out of the clip so it can be free. From where the half-up section ends against your head, crimp the lengths of your hair about half way down. This hair will be the “hidden section” underneath the top ponytail.

Clear Elastics: Keep the main focus of this look on the ponytails and the crimped hair by using clear elastics for the top and bottom ponytails. Once you’re finished crimping the underneath hair, gather the lengths of your hair — including the lengths of the top ponytail — at the nape of your neck and secure with a clear elastic.