Beauty Recipe: Brushed Up Brows & Matte Lips

Rachel Adler


At this point, everyone is a little sick of hearing that bold brows are “in.” But, truth be told, they are – and hopefully over-tweezed brows will always be a thing of the distant past. Once you successfully grow in the brows of your dreams, you have options when it comes to styling them. Brow styling options – who knew, right? We’ve all seen bleached brows (and quickly swore never to try it ourselves) but playing with various darker shades or simply brushing up your brow hairs is an easy way to mix up your look. Investing in a great brow product – and a portable brow brush – can easily help step up your brow game.

But, with any great brow comes a great lip, right? So, as you’re grooming your perfect brushed-up brow look, keep in mind that you can have some fun and match it with a bright matte lip while keeping everything else clean and flawless. Below, we take you through what you need to get the look.

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Eyebrow Pencil: Before you brush your brows up, get them to be the shade you want! Pick a product you’re most comfortable with – meaning if you feel more comfortable filling in your brows with a pencil, stick with that – if you’d rather do a powder, find a powder product you love. Once you’ve shaded in the areas that need it, then you can take a brush to your brows to set them in place.

Eyebrow Brush: Make sure you have a brow comb on hand to brush your brow hairs up (after you’ve tweezed any strays of course). We’re fans of Japonesque’s Brow Groomer, but we also like to hold onto elf’s Brow Comb – it’s only $1 so you can have multiple for all of your purses!

Matte Lipstick: Since you’re keeping the rest of your makeup look clean and fresh, let your lips pop with a matte lipstick. Right now we’re loving NYX Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in Pure Red.