10 Fun Beauty Quotes From Celebrities Who Really Get It

Taylor Post

beauty quotes

Celebrities may spend the majority of their time in a makeup chair versus their own vanity table, but just because they get the start treatment doesn’t mean they don’t understand the fun parts of hair and makeup. From knowing what it feels like to get a complete mood change with a swipe of lipstick, to understanding the pain of a discontinued product, there are some A-listers out there who are just like the rest of us.

Below are fun, cheeky, and poignant beauty quotes from some of our favorite Hollywood ladies. From Beyonce to Taylor Swift to Emma Stone, these girls just get it.

beyonce quotes

“That’s one of the things I love about makeup. You can change your whole attitude by just doing your eyeliner or lipstick differently.” — Beyonce

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demi lovato quotes

“You know you’ve made it when you can dye your hair blue.” — Demi Lovato

emma roberts quotes

“I always have red nail polish on my nails, so if they ever discontinue the red polish I wear from OPI, I’d be really upset.” — Emma Roberts

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zooey deschanel quotes

“I don’t like plain nails. I get sad.” — Zooey Deschanel

chrissy teigen quotes

“You can have a nose job just with contouring.” — Chrissy Teigen

tina fey quotes

“If you retain nothing else, always remember the most important rule of beauty which is, who cares?” — Tina Fey

emma stone quotes

“I do put on a little makeup every day because it helps me feel put together. Mascara is essential.” — Emma Stone

lucy hale quotes

“Makeup wise, I’m all over the place. I’m a sucker for buying everything just because it has a pretty package.” — Lucy Hale

emma watson quotes

“If I’m feeling tired, I just say, ‘I’m going to paint my nails purple and put some lipstick on!'” — Emma Watson

taylor swift quotes

“You don’t ever want to appear like you’re wearing too much makeup. If you have a heavy eye and a heavy lip, people are like, ‘Wow, what are you trying to cover up?'” —Taylor Swift