You Won’t Believe How Many Beauty Products the Average Woman Actually Owns

Rachel Krause


We card-carrying beauty hoarders are always working to defend ourselves against those who just can’t wrap their heads around our vast makeup collections. Who needs that much lipstick, they ask. We do! Who’s to say we’ll never want to wear the eye-searing bright-pink shade that’s been buried at the bottom of our bag for months?

Well, Stowaway just blew our minds with a new study that surveyed over 4,000 women across the United States and found that while consumers own almost 40 makeup products on average, they actually use only five of them on any given day. That means that the average girl owns eight times more makeup than she actually uses. Oof.

Frankly, what we find more surprising about this study is that the standard stock includes only 40 products. That seems like amateur hour to us. Another interesting (read: scary) point from the results: The survey found that 82 percent of women feel guilty throwing away old makeup that has proven to make them break out. What is wrong with us?

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