Beauty Products We Loved in the 1990s

Julia DiNardo
Beauty Products We Loved in the 1990s
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It’s fun to be nostalgic and take a stroll down memory lane via an old photo album from your favorite decade. But when it comes to the ’90s it is harder to capture the exact aroma of your favorite shampoo as a teen, the tingly feeling of your first face wash, or the look of the thick shadow that you vigorously applied to your virgin eyelids.

Remember the brands that you always threw into your parents’ shopping cart, or saved up your hard-earned dollars to indulge in? We surveyed friends and family for their absolute favorite beauty products of the 1990s and came up with the slideshow above of the stuff we most associated with the popular decade, some of which are still around today.

What was your favorite beauty product of the 1990s?

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Having zit-fighting creams and astringent-soaked pads like Noxzema, Oxy, and Stridex lining your sink or bathtub was all the rage - it made having pimples (almost) cool. P.S. -remember Rebecca Gayheart in these ads?

Max Factor Cosmetics has been around practically as long as makeup as we currently know it (just ask your Grandma), however the brand really sky rocketed in the '90s with it's glamorous movie and celeb tie-ins. The Factor family's makeup legacy continues via Dean and Davis Factor, great-grandsons of Max, who founded SmashBox Cosmetics.

I don't quite recall what made that kangaroo and purple-bottled shampoo of Aussie so coveted, but EVERYONE had it. Miss it? Check out the new bottle and formulation (pictured on the right).

Seriously, if you ever washed your hair between 1990-2000, you definitely used White Rain at some point, and probably in the apple scent. 'Nuff said.

Created in the '70s, most of us growing up in the 1990s experienced Love's Baby Soft (or one of its collection of scents) as it was super cheap and easily accessible at any Kmart or Rite Aid across the country.

Before everything had SPF in it, was organic, or loaded with glitter and sparkles, we had Bonne Bell Lip Smackers, in a variety of delectable flavors. My favorites were Pina Colada and Dr. Pepper-how about you?

Salon Selectives were the epitome of '90s upscale and sophisticated shampoo and conditioners.

Sorry to remind me, but even though it wasn't the 80's, goopy, gooey hair gels like Dep and L.A. Looks were still VERY popular in the '90s (remember There's Something About Mary?)

Charlie Red, White, and Gold all rolled out in the first half off the decade, with ads that were sprightly, sexy, and is what your big sister bought while you were still in your  Love's Baby Soft stage.

1990 - Grunge - androgyny - Kate Moss - unisex - cK One.

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