7 Beauty Products That Will Boost Your Sex Life

Natasha Burton


A little color can make the world of difference.

A little color can make the world of difference.

Certain beauty products don’t just make you look hot, they can also some spark to your sex life. Which, let’s be honest, can certainly come in handy when you need to warm up on a cold winter night. Here, some seasoned sexperts share their favorite beauty finds for spicing things up.

1. Body Oil
Oils are all the rage right now, from swapping traditional face cream for Argan oil to taking omega oil supplements. But oil does more than just nourish your skin, hair, and nails—it makes your body incredibly, sexily smooth. Rather than slathering on lotion pre-romp, rub on Erbaviva’s Embrace Body Oil, ($17, erbaviva.com) made from a passionate blend of organic grapefruit, orange and jasmine. Or better yet, ask your man to oil you up.

 2. Flavored Lipgloss
Sex educator Nikki Ransom suggests wearing colorless, non wax, flavored lipgloss in bed, which will keep your pout sexy but also provide a hint of flavor during all of your sensual endeavors.

3. Lip Venom
Up the ante with a complete lip serum, says sexpert Emily Morse, like Lip-Nip Tingle ($13.99, karnationlingerie.com), which will give your kisser—and any other body part you put it on—a hot tingling sensation. (Bonus: The Benzl Nicotinate in the product will also plump up your lips.)

4. Nail File
Sexual Educator Megan Stubbs EdD. says that this is an often overlooked essential beauty tool for boosting your sex life. “Nails are not just great to look at, but they are fun to use,” she says. “When playing intimately with a partner, it is important that you try not to hurt their sensitive areas with your raggedy talons. Take a few minutes, round them out, and let the play commence!”

5. Perfumes or Body Sprays with Pheromones
Ransom explains that pheromones have been shown to boost attraction to the opposite sex. Morse suggests trying the Sex Aphrodisiac Essence by Crazy Girl Products ($11.99, crazygirlproducts.com), which is infused with orchid and violet essence and mingles with your natural pheromones to enhance your partner’s desire. Hot.

6. Double-Duty Bronzer
We don’t know about you, but we feel more confident getting naked when we’re not dead-of-winter pale. So, brushing on some bronzer definitely encourages some carnal action. Try Booty Parlor’s Flirty Little Secret Bronzer ($32, bootyparlor.com), which not only firms your skin, but also contains pheromones. Yes, that’s triple duty!

7. Teeth Whitening Strips
Nothing boosts your confidence like a great smile, Stubbs says. “Think of your teeth as a male peacocks feathers; you want to show potential mates the best you can offer,” she explains. Boosting the shine and wattage on your pearly whites will make you more eager to flash that come hither grin.