10 Beauty Products That Defined Our Childhood

Megan Segura
10 Beauty Products That Defined Our Childhood
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We love our pricey lipsticks and fragrances as much as the next person, but sometimes we long for the days of our childhood beauty products. They weren't the most expensive or sophisticated products out there, but they were fun. And one whiff of these 10 items totally takes us back.

Bath and Body Works Country Apple Shower Gel
This was pretty much our signature scent all through elementary school. And of course we didn't just have the shower gel. We also liked to layer it with the lotion and body spray. We finally graduated to a new scent in middle school: Victoria's Secret Champagne and Strawberries

L.A. Looks Mega Hold Gel
Believe it or not, there was a time when everyone thought they needed hair gel. And if you didn't have a bottle of the green stuff, then you were probably more of a Dep gel fan.

Bonne Bell Bottled Emotion
We were absolutely obsessed with these little perfumes. And we didn't own just one. We had to have the whole collection to wear, based on what mood we were in that day. 

Kissing Potion
Whatever happened to rollerball lip glosses in general? They seem to have disappeared. We were always partial to the heavily flavored Kissing Potion ones.

Tinkerbell Makeup Sets
When we were still in the days of playing dress up, we could regularly be found applying our Tinkerbell products (once Mom gave us the OK, that is). If only we still had them...

Before there were Clarisonics, there were the incredibly simple Buf-Pufs. The scrubbing sponge could be used to clean and exfoliate the skin. Thankfully, they're still sold in drugstores.

Love's Baby Soft
Was there anyone who didn't find the powdery scent of Love's Baby Soft appealing as a child? Even Dita Von Teese admitted it was her first perfume

Our first introduction into the wide world of skin care was with Noxzema. We watched the commercials with Rebecca Gayheart and fantasized about the days when we would be a teenager dealing with acne. Unfortunately, our wishes eventually became true.

Lip Smackers
Our collection of Lip Smackers grew with every visit to the grocery store. Each new color and flavor had to be obtained, though it's pretty clear Dr. Pepper was the best flavor of them all. 

No More Tangles Spray The smell of this product instantly takes us back to the days of having our hair brushed out every morning before school. A lot of pain was averted due to this miracle spray.

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