Bon Voyage: Beauty Products From Around The World

Emily Albrent
Bon Voyage: Beauty Products From Around The World
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Take a trip around the world, no transportation needed. Forget the planes, trains, and cars, you are just a click away from discovering some of the best beauty products out there. Sometimes good products, no, fantastic products, are born a couple thousand miles away. It’s time to take a step out into the world and try out some amazing new products from places such as Brazil and Ireland.

We know that some of these products in the above slideshow are a little expensive, and may be out of reach for some ( hello budget) which is the result of different currency exchanges, but we have included an array of products. So no worries, there is a product out there for everyone! Make sure to leave us a comment below and tell us which products you are most excited to try out!

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Explore the world one beauty product at a time with these amazing products!

Indulge in chocolate guilt-free with this thermal activated smoothing hair product that defeats frizz on contact from Brazil. (Nunaat Chocolat Special Anti-Frizz Thermal Active Chocolate, $6.49,

This product is the end all be all of face moisturizers. It's a splurge. It's a bring-your-lunch-to- work-for-a-couple-of-weeks, splurge, but it's worth it. This high-end Swiss beauty brand is known for giving amazing results, and this cream mask is no exception. Slather this on every night to reveal a smooth and fresh face in no time. (Hedelweiss Cream Mask, $100,

This multi-purpose balm made in Iceland will cure anything from chapped lips to eczema. Have a skin issue? This balm is going to be your quick fix. (Moa, around $6,

Trusted by many, this seaweed infused soap from China claims to nourish, firm and tighten your skin.  (Soft Defat Slimming Seaweed Soap Value Pack (6), $18.29,

Finally, a lip balm that does what it's supposed to do. Made by Beiersdorf AG in Germany and Austria, this balm will infuse your lips with decadent creamy moisture that lasts all day. Trust us, try this out as soon as you can. (Labello, $5.50,

With notes of sweet pea and raspberry, this perfume born in England is a perfect way to ring in the fall. (Eau de Parfum Coeur De Fleur, around $97,

The first of its kind, this French lip product contains a specialty patented formula called
Poly-2p, which helps heal, protect, and help fight against future damage. It's long lasting, and completely worth it for those sunburnt lips. (Uriage, $13.99,

This hair balm is a part of Russia's first organic cosmetic line that really works. Free of petrochemicals, silicones, parabens, and artificial dyes, this product will help renew and protect extremely dry hair within one application. (Active Organics Hair Balm, $7.99,

A cult classic, this pen-like eyeliner from India boasts long lasting results, with a creamy blend of almond oil and herbs. This is that one product we want to rush order right now. (Shanaz Hussein Kajal, $9,

This self-tanning miracle from Belgium smells amazing (like vanilla) and creates the perfect tan to keep you looking bronzed all year long. (Epibronze Gradual Tanner, around $38,

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