What Beauty Products Beauty Insiders Are Thankful For

Rachel Adler

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When it comes to beauty products, we love a great recommendation from our friends in the business. We can talk for hours with our fellow editors and bloggers about their favorite long-lasting lipstick or go-to facial cleanser, because we know that they’ve tried hundreds and hundreds of products – so the ones that they go back to time and time again really are the best of the best. So, this Thanksgiving, we wanted to know which beauty products our favorite insiders were thankful for – you know, the ones that actually make it easier for them to get through day after hectic day.

Polly Blitzer, Beauty Blitz: I’m thankful for products that give me a slice of Zen. Buzzing through the day can feel like a beauty tornado at times, so lighting a candle at the office while I work replaces the frenetic energy with serenity. My current faves are Cire Trudon Sinbad the Sailor (smells like salty ocean spray) and Aerin Sky Flower (strong mix of gardenia and tuberose). I light them together because as the air circulates, I get a different blend of the scents. (Cire Trudon Sinbad the Sailor, $95, beautyhabit.com; Aerin Sky Flower, $58, bergdorfgoodman.com)

Jeannine Morris, Beauty Sweet Spot: The Eve Lom Rescue Mask has been an essential part of my skincare routine throughout the year. It’s been my go-to maintenance mask, but also the one I reach for whenever I have a skincare issue like a breakout, random redness or puffiness. It’s my little miracle in a tube and I love knowing I can turn to it to get my skin back on track in an instant. (Eve Lom Rescue Mask, $50, nordstrom.com)

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Megan McIntyre, Refinery29 Senior Beauty Editor: This year I am so very thankful for Osea’s Blemish Balm. I’ve struggled with oily, acne-prone skin all of my life. As anyone with frequent breakouts knows, struggle is not a melodramatic overture: It’s literally a day-to-day battle to keep your breakouts under control and you wake up each morning wondering what fresh new hell you have to face in the mirror. As I’ve gotten older, my breakouts have mercifully gotten less frequent, but they’re still a weekly occurrence. Now, as I enter my 30s, my skin is also starting to show early signs of aging. So, wrinkles and pimples — awesome. A lot of my usual moisturizing go-to’s, while they don’t exacerbate my breakouts, don’t provide me with the anti-aging effects I apparently am starting to need. Then I was introduced to Osea’s new Blemish Balm and my whole world was rocked. This lightweight, natural, tint-free moisturizer contains a proprietary blend of three seaweeds, plus juniper, cypress, and rosemary essential oils. The resulting formula is antiseptic, reducing inflammation and preventing breakouts without drying out your skin. In addition to all of that, it also has firming benefits, so it helps give my complexion that little extra zhush it needs now. Quite simply, I’m in love. (Osea Blemish Balm, $42, oseamalibu.com)

Julia DiNardo, Fashion Pulse Daily: The one product I am thankful for this year is the discovery of Nuance Salma Hayek Color Vibrance Lipstick in Passion Pink. Ultra hydrating and long lasting, the shade looks great paired with literally everything in my wardrobe, and is also hydrating and long-lasting so I don’t have to be paranoid about constantly applying and maintaining the product. I’ve never received more lipstick-related compliments when wearing it, and I love telling people that Salma also sports this exact hue in the ad campaign! (Nuance Salma Hayek Color Vibrance Lipstick in Passion Pink, $7.99, cvs.com)

Amber Katz, Rouge18: This year, I’m thankful for Dr. Neal Schultz Beauty RX Z Stick. It’s prescription only, but I experienced the wrath of crazy intense acne when I went a few months without it when my old stick dried out (they last about 2-3 months). I carry it with me EVERYWHERE and it assassinates blemishes John Wilkes Booth style in a day or two. Love. (Dr. Neal Schultz Beauty RX Z Stick, prescription only)

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Bryce Gruber, The Luxury Spot: I’m thankful for Bite Beauty’s somewhat magical double-ended lippy set- all the shades are super flattering, purse friendly, and come with a side that’s dramatic and bold for evening and one that’s more subtle for daytime. Since the kit comes with 4 sticks (8 shades total), I can drop one in each of my regular purses and know I’m always covered. (Bite Beauty The Lip Kit, $38, sephora.com)

Aly Walansky, Alittlealytude.com: Mally Beauty Face Defender BB Cream – seriously, since I’ve been using this, everyone is telling me constantly how good my skin looks – and it feels even better. I’m obsessed! (Mally Beauty Face Defender BB Cream, $45, mallybeauty.com)

Andrea Arterbery, TheArtofBery: I constantly change up my hairstyle, so I’m super thankful that Motions has created the Straight Finish collection. I can go from curly to straight with minimum heat damage which, for my bright, blonde locks, is a hair miracle. (Motions Straight Finish, $6.89 per product, target.com)