5 Boosters to Make You Feel Like an At-Home Chemist

Caitlin S. Miller

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If you’re like us, you never lost your love of high school chemistry class. The mixing and stirring and waiting to see what product you’d ultimately end up with was nothing short of a science nerd’s dream—and really aren’t all beauty lovers science nerds at heart? Unless you’re a real life chemist—or a mixologist, I suppose—you likely can’t spend your day mixing concoctions and experimenting with ingredients. But thanks to beauty product boosters, even non-chemists can get a daily science fix.

In case you’re unfamiliar with this new brand of skin care products, boosters are “ultra-concentrated formulations of star ingredients that can be added to your moisturizer or other treatment product to enhance it’s anti-aging, anti-acne, tone-evening or moisturizing power, depending on the formula used,” says Dr. Hadley King, board certified dermatologist at NYC’s SKINNEY Medspa.

Although these nifty products aren’t necessarily better than any other beauty favorite on the market, says Dr. King, they do allow you to customize your skin care routine. “They aren’t one ‘skin type fits all’, instead they mix into and supercharge products that already work for you,” she says. “So if you have a moisturizer you love, you can now add other properties to it, rather than having to find a new product.” Take a look at five skin boosters to indulge your science side!

skin booster fresh

Photo: Fresh

Fresh Seaberry Skin Nutrition Booster ($46, fresh.com)

Designed to be mixed with your face or eye cream two to three times a week, Fresh’s antioxidant-rich formula relies on camellia seed oil to nourish skin, seaberry oil, which is rich in omegas 3, 6, 7, and 9, tomato extract to fight free radicals, and rocou extract for more antioxidant power.

skin booster philosophy

Photo: Philosophy

Philosophy Turbo Booster C Powder ($39, sephora.com)

Another anti-aging booster, this powder formula from Philosophy has 99.8 percent potency and is ideal for fighting free radical damage and lightening hyperpigmentation. To use mix one and a half scoops to serum, moisturizer, eye cream, or sunscreen each morning.

skin boosters coverfx

Photo: CoverFX

Cover FX Custom Infusion Drops F + Neroli – Hydration ($48, coverfx.com)

Whether you use these drops in serums, moisturizers, or creams, the unique combo of Vitamin F and Neroli boasts moisture retention, improved skin elasticity, and supple, firmer skin.

skin booster dermalogica

Photo: Dermalogica

Dermalogica Gentle Soothing Booster ($50, dermstore.com)

Irritated, sensitive, red skin will like Dermalogica’s blend red raspberry extract, honey extract binds, calendula, chamomile, and cornflower extract, which soothe, reduce inflammation, and ease redness. Mix with your moisturizer or wear alone to see benefits.

skin booster dr. gross

Photo: Dr. Dennis Gross

Dr. Dennis Gross ($68, sephora.com)

Three acids—pyruvic, tartaric, and linoleic—aim to revive and firm skin in Dr. Gross’s booster. For this formula, you can mix with makeup or your daily skin care products for an enhanced benefit.

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