15 Legitimate Problems All Beauty Lovers Have

Rachel Krause
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When you’re a true beauty lover, you experience your share of problems. We’re not talking about issues like smudged mascara or lipstick smears; these are self-inflicted life problems in which we’ve sacrificed our comfort in favor of vanity. There’s nothing wrong with thatnothing at all!but we do admittedly subject ourselves to a fair few trials and tribulations on a regular basis. With that said, we’re pretty sure we can all relate to these 15 common woes suffered by beauty lovers the world over. There’s a reason they say beauty is pain.

1. The inevitable curling iron burn.
It’s pretty obvious why so many brands now offer a silly little glove with their hot tools: It’s so easy to scald your hand, especially with a clamp-free curling wand, or worse, the side of your face or neck. It rarely requires medical attention, but it sure as hell hurts.

2. A mascara poke to the eye.
When you’re holding a slightly sharp, barbed item so close to your eye every day, you’re likely going to poke yourself with it at some point. You’re not going to go blind (probably), but you’ll definitely cry a little. And have red eyes afterwards, but hey, that’s what eye drops are for.

3. A pinched eyelid from an eyelash curler.
Trying to get as close as possible to the lash root for the best curl is hard enough without your eyelid getting in the way, but a slight pinch is pretty much the norm.

4. Near-asphyxiation from spraying hair products in small spaces.
Word to the wise: Open the bathroom window before you douse yourself in dry shampoo. We’ve learned this from experience.

5. Eye cream … in your eyeball.
Burning, stinging, redness, and moreeven in the case of eye creams that are super gentle on your skin, they belong around your eyes, not in them. Burning, stinging, redness … need we go on?

6. Dried out lips from too much lipstick and not enough balm.
If this isn’t the most common #beautyproblem around, then we don’t know what is. We recommend wearing a thick lip balm overnight and gently exfoliating in the morning to avoid the cracked look and feel.

7. Headaches from a too-tight ponytail.
Need we say more? Wearing your ponytail too tight near your scalp can translate to having a headache all day from the tension. It’s fine. We’re fine. That’s what Advil is for.

8. The painphysical and emotionalof growing your nails long, only to have one break.
Growing out your nails is a process, and can take weeks of careful maintenance before they start looking the way you want them. Splitting a long nail isn’t just soul-crushing, it’s also painful.

9. The burn of bleach on your scalp from a double process.
Some platinum junkies relish the feel of the telltale bleach burn, but for the rest of us, getting highlights or a root touchup can make us cringe and consider returning to our natural color.

10. The aftermath of a particularly grueling facial or microdermabrasion.
Depicting a facial as a magical process that results in clearer, smoother skin couldn’t be further from the truthfor the first couple of days afterward, that is. Oftentimes facials leave the skin red and irritated-looking for a few days, but the results are worth it. They just take a little while to show.

11. The moment you realize you’ve left a peel treatment on just a little too long.
Masks and home peels with chemical exfoliants can work wonders for your skin, but when you’ve left them linger for a few minutes more than their suggested treatment time, you’ll know it. Get thyself to a sink, stat.

12. The struggle of combing through tangled hair.
The key is to add a copious amount of leave-in conditioner to the tangled section, then start from the bottom and work upward with the comb. You’ll still feel like you’re pulling your hair out, but this technique is less likely to actually do so.

13. Teeth whitening strips. Enough said.
If you have sensitive gums, then you’ll know exactly what we mean. Are the whitening effects even worth the sharp pains in our teeth and gums? Possibly. We can’t give up red wine and coffee, after all.

14. The ever-so-slightly unpleasant sensation of dry body brushing.
We’re not saying that dry brushing is outright painful, but it can sure feel a little abrasive. You’ll be left with super soft, smooth skin, but yes, there’s a little bit of suffering in the mean time. The key is to persevere.

15. Gel manicure removal.
We’re fine with the soaking and the buffing, sure, but the process of scraping the gel off the nail is actually sort of terrifying. That’s why it’s best to take a break in between gel manicuresto avoid longterm damage from the whole shebang. Trust us. We know.

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