Beauty Mythbusters: Will Cutting My Hair Make It Grow Faster?

Rachel Adler

haircut Beauty Mythbusters: Will Cutting My Hair Make It Grow Faster?

There are a variety of beauty “myths” out there, and it’s sometimes hard to tell the truth from the very tall tales. We here at Beauty High are determined to bust down those beauty myths and figure out once and for all what we’re really supposed to believe. If you have any myths that you want us to prove or bust, tweet at us @BeautyHigh with the #BeautyMyths.

MYTH: Cutting your hair will make hair grow faster.

VERY LIKELY: Dana Ionato, colorist at Sally Hershberger’s Downtown Salon says that “Cutting your hair at least four times per year is mandatory. If you leave your ends in hopes to make your hair longer, they will split into a “Y”. The “Y” will keep splitting up the hair shaft defeating the purpose of you trying to grow out your hair. There is no mask to camouflage broken ends. They must come off.”

While many people have a fear of the scissors when they’re trying to grow out their hair, Ionato advises that in order to avoid too much of a chop, tell your stylist that you just want a “dusting.” “A dusting is in fact a hair cut, but it just gets rid of the ends. During the appointment keep reiterating how you don’t want to take any length off,” says Ionato.  She also notes that once you find a stylist that will listen to you, stick with them. Soon enough, you’ll have hair that is long and lustrous.

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