Beauty Lessons We Learned from Our Favorite TV Shows

Aly Walansky
Beauty Lessons We Learned from Our Favorite TV Shows
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Sourcing beauty lessons from our favorite movies was so fun, we're ready for another round: Here's everything we learned about beauty (good and bad!) from watching TV.

Before playing Endora on TV's "Bewitched," Agnes Moorehead was always cast as a Plain Jane. The wickedly wonderful Endora taught us that a frothy hairdo and some lively makeup can really wake up a gal.  

Fraggle Rock
This show taught Bryce Gruber of The Luxury Spot there's something always chic about a voluminous ponytail. It's timeless and works on puppets and humans alike.

"Who can forget when Monica got cornrows on 'Friends' to combat her hair frizz? While I never went that far, it did teach me braids are the way to go in puffy-hair weather," says Lara Eurdolian  of

Punky Brewster
"Punky Brewster was always ragtag chic, and as thrown together and layered as her clothes may have been, her pigtails were always on point. I remember thinking that this little ragamuffin was so freakin cool, that I rocked the pigtail and bang look for a few years in my youth with gusto," says Julia DiNardo of Fashion Pulse Daily.

"I noticed that through the seasons, Elaine's personality changed with her hair. When it was loose, down, and unfussy, she was much nicer and likable. But as her tighter ringlets emerged, so too did her nasty, witchy side," say Doree Lewak, a features writer for New York Post. Moral of the story: Don't wear your hair too severely.

"As a child of the '80s, my beauty idols were the women of nighttime soaps, particularly 'Dynasty.' I used to practice Joan Collins' artfully-lined eye with a perfect red lip for hours as a teen. Luckily, I stopped short of the big hair, but I still fall back on that layered liner/power red lip look when I need to pull an Alexis and throw some diva attitude forth," says Kristin Booker of Fashion.Style.Beauty.

Boy Meets World
"Topanga on 'Boy Meets World' just kind of got me," says Gruber. "She was all natural all the time and reminded me that even a little frizz could be cute if paired with the right smile."

Beverly Hills, 90210
Amber Murray of Beauty Junkies Unite emulated Brenda Walsh's bangs when she was a junior in high school. "I tried to perfect them so much, that a guy in my Spanish class asked me to play a Spanish Brenda Walsh in a class project movie! It was my biggest beauty lesson growing up, and I believe '90210' was my start to beauty products as a result."

"Just broke up with a guy? Seeking change? Looking for a fun way to assert your independence and take control over your life? Take a trip, learn a language, or write an angsty novel. But for the love of God, do not cut all your beautiful hair off. Felicity learned that harsh lesson for us all!" says Nadine Jolie Courtney.

Downton Abbey
Lady Mary on "Downton Abbey" spends half the show sitting at her vanity, rubbing on hand cream. "I'm not sure what that's about, but it always inspires me to grab a tube and start moisturizing. Since we all know that hands and necks age first, it certainly can't hurt," says Haley Friedlich, deputy editor of Avenue Magazine.

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