Land the Job: Beauty Inspiration for Your Next Interview

Augusta Falletta

The job market today isn’t exactly thriving, so when you are finally able to land an interview or two, you need to dazzle your potential employer. If you’ve spent hours updating your resume and cover letter, picking out the perfect outfit and practicing answering interview questions with your friends, you’re already well on your way to nailing the interview.

One preparation you may have skipped over, however, is your beauty routine on the morning of the interview. Hair up or down? Lip gloss, lipstick, or bare lips? Painted nails or au natural tips? The considerations are many and shouldn’t go without thought. We have something we like to call “The Kate Middleton Rule”, which simply means that if you wouldn’t be caught dead meeting Kate Middleton looking like that, or if Kate Middleton wouldn’t be caught dead looking like that, it’s a bad idea. Going with this rule, we put together a list of all of the hair, makeup, and even perfume choices you should be making to make your best impression on a potential boss. Remember, a first impression only happens one time, and if your career potentially depends on what your look portrays to your interviewer, you want to make the best impression possible.

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