Man Repelling Beauty Looks

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Man Repelling Beauty Looks
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Sure, a girl always wants to pick up a new beauty trick, but sometimes looking too on-trend can work against you when it comes to attracting the opposite sex. One common example: a subtly smoky eye can be smoldering, but crafting a raccoon eye effect like Taylor Momsen's is better suited for a costume party than a hot date. We asked our guy friends to dish on more trendy looks that totally turn them off.

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We're all for playing with the color of your eyeliner, but when you're branching out into bright colors the key is to make sure you don't go too over the top. Or, you're bound to confuse some guys. As our one guy pal says about this "Big Bird" inspired eyeliner from the Peter Som Spring/Summer 2011 show, "It looks like she used a Crayola crayon to do it."

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Braids are definitely in this fall, but it's all about how you wear them. A funky fishtail or side braid are safe bets, but beware of the illusive "headband braid" that goes from one ear to the other. The hairstyle can be a huge man-repellent, as evidence by our guy friends' unanimous agreement that it reminds them of a milkmaid. Unless you consider yodeling a mating call--we'd advise against it.

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Nail polish is all about having fun--it's an easy way to dress up your look without having to drop a ton of dough. A unique design can enhance your outfit, but when you get too crafty-- like with these tuxedo-esqe nails from the Ruffian Fall/Winter 2011-2012 show--you might wind up attracting attention from guys, but in more of a "WTF?" way, than a "hey girl" way.

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True, men love thongs. However, they don't love thongs on your head. The "Princess Jasmine" (as one of our guy friends calls it) hair accessory is the equivalent of a magpie in the presence of something shiny. Read: It will distract and confuse men. Save the thongs for flip flops and underwear.

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"There are a few places where we don't like a ton of hair..." says one of our guys. Get your minds out of the gutter, because where he's really talking about is on the eyebrows. Natural-looking brows are great, but if you can use the word "bushy" to describe them it means it's time to pick up the tweezers--especially since most guys don't want to date a Bert look-alike from Sesame Street.

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Tan skin is gorgeous. Fair skin is gorgeous. Fake-tan skin, not so gorgeous. Whether you're addicted to tanning salons (like Snooki) or you just like to cake on the bronzer (also, like Snooki), heed this advice from our one of guy friends: "If she looks like she's been baking in the oven, that's just a big,"

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From Vampire Diaries to Twilight to True Blood, it's obvious that the whole goth/vamp look is making a comeback. But don't take it so literally, especially when it comes to dark lipstick. Guys like a luscious flirty pout, not one that looks like it's about to suck their blood.

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Top knots are a great and easy hairstyle. But, Kat Graham's super sleek one isn't the best idea for a date night. Guys don't always understand trends, especially when it comes to beauty. So, even if you love that high fashion look, opting for a looser and more casual top knot will keep your man from wondering why there's a tightly-pulled nest sitting your head.

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If you want to pump up your look, winged eyeliner is a great way to add a bit of sex appeal. Just don't go too far past the corner of your eye, like this look from the Alice + Olivia Fall/Winter 2011-2012 show. Otherwise it tends to look overly exaggerated, and instead of getting a guy to fly away with you, you'll probably have him running in the other direction.

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