Top Beauty Trends of Jerseylicious

Amber Katz

We can’t get enough of the Style network’s new hit Jerseylicious, an intensely addictive reality show that follows a team of hairstylists and makeup artists who work in New Jersey’s The Gatsby Salon. (We’re so addicted, that we put some of the most outrageous hair and makeup looks in the virtual Makeover Studio–you have to check it out!) The attitudes are wicked, but their beauty moves are even more insane. In NJ, it’s all about the blackest black eye liner and va-va-va volumized hairstyles and maximum beauty impact. We caught up with three stars from the show–Tracy, Gigi and Olivia–to find out how they rock such bold, wild beauty trends. Here they are:

Sky-High Hairstyles. Big hair is the official state hairstyle of New Jersey. Tracy has said that her “hair has more personality than anyone [she] know[s].” To achieve massive hair volume, Tracy employs a medium round brush, a teasing comb and, “every Jersey girl’s best friend: Hairspray!” Scoop this genius tip from Tracey: “Blow your hair out by pulling the round brush toward you to initiate lots of lift.”

A Major Smokey Eye. For Olivia, it’s all about being “flashy, fun and over the top.”  Eye liner is Olivia’s most vital eye makeup item. For attracting male attention, a lined smoky eye and a pink lip are key. “But afterwards, they end up liking you better without that makeup. Or at least, they better!” says Olivia.

A Savage Tan. A deep, dark (and sometimes orange) tan is a rite of passage for Jerseylicious gals. While these girls occasionally succumb to the siren song of a genuine Jersey-shore earned beach tan, Tracy points out that “the best tan anyone could have is an airbrush version. It’s healthy, even, safe and beautiful for winter.”

Long, French Manicure. For Gigi, it’s all about being “glamorous, classy and put together.” She rocks her own natural nails, but indulges in a UV French manicure every two weeks. “I love it and wouldn’t change it!” Gigi says.

Light, Frosty Lipstick. No red lips here. In New Jersey, it’s all about the light pink lip. Olivia shares this tip for creating a thoroughly Jersified light and shiny lip: “Use a nude to light brown lip liner and layer with a light pink lipstick over top–I recommend either Snob or Gaga by MAC Cosmetics.” Lastly, Olivia suggests topping off your lip look with Smashbox Pout clear gloss.

A Fruity Scent. So, we know what these girls look like, but we had to ask: What do they smell like? For Tracy, it’s Juicy Couture (the original). Gigi also is a fan of Juicy Couture, but favors Viva La Juicy. Frequent scent switcher Olivia alternates among DKNY Be Delicious, Versace Bright Crystal and Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom.