6 Beauty Hacks You Can Do with a Spoon

Aly Walansky
Photo: Image Source/Getty Images

Photo: Image Source/Getty Images

Some of the best multi-purpose beauty tools won’t be found in your favorite cosmetics store. In fact, we’ve found some incredibly versatile tools right in our kitchens. Spoons are useful (very useful) for consuming soups and ice cream, but they actually have a number of beauty uses as well.

Master the winged cat eye.
If you’re ready to finally get your winged cat eye technique down to a science, this tip is for you, says Miranda Mendoza of SlashedBeauty.com. Line up the spoon’s handle with your lash line and use it as a stencil to draw a crisp upwards wing. Then, flip the spoon so that the upwards curve marries the end of the straight line and the middle of your lash line. Trace it to create the upper outline for your cat eye. Color it in, and voila! You have the perfect sharp cat eye.

Keep your mascara in line.
Use a spoon when applying mascara to keep eye makeup pristine. Spoons have the perfect shape to cover your upper lids to avoid messing up the eyeshadow you worked so hard on, says Kim Laudati of Kim Laudati Skin Care. Simply hold in place and glam up your lashes to your heart’s content.

Fix foundation flaws.
For a quick fix to smooth foundation over fine lines, take a chilled spoon (not frozen, or it’ll stick to your skin) and slowly run it along fine lines, following the direction of the line. Repeat a few times, then immediately apply your foundation. This helps to temporarily “flatten” and smooth your skin so foundation won’t get caked up in those lines and creases that we never want to accentuate, says Laudati.

Get fresher breath.
Dr. Kyle Stanley, an implant and cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, uses a spoon as a tongue scraper. He recommends scraping your tongue twice daily: once in the morning to get all of the bad breath-causing bacteria that has been building up in your mouth all night, and once in the evening to get rid of all of the food particle buildup and bacteria that has accumulated in your mouth throughout the day. This is a great way to keep your mouth clean and your breath fresh. Spoons have a perfect design that is strong enough to remove bacteria from the tongue, but smooth enough not to harm the tongue—the edge of many designated tongue scrapers are too sharp, which can harm the papilla of the tongue, Stanley says. The best part about using a spoon for tongue scraping: You can throw it in the dishwasher when you’re finished for easy cleaning!

Use it as a lash curler.
Have you ever gone on vacation, only to realize you’ve left your trusty lash curler at home? Fear not: Just call room service for a spoon to get the job done, says Lori Leib, Creative Director of Bodyography. “Turn the spoon horizontally and sandwich your lashes between your thumb and the rounded edge of the spoon and curl from the root. Once lashes are curled, put the round scoop of the spoon over your lid and apply mascara, which will keep the mascara from smudging onto your lid. Try blowdrying the spoon to add heat for some extra lift!”

Contour with ease.
Apply the hollow inside of your spoon against the apple of your cheek. Using the bottom edge of the spoon as your guide will take the guesswork out of contouring the hollow of your cheek.

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