Beauty Essentials For Your…Er…Toddler ?

Amanda Elser
Beauty Essentials For Your…Er…Toddler ?
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Trust me, when I was a little kid I loved nothing more than covering my face with my mom’s blush and haphazardly applying a red lipstick that would stain my upper lip for hours, but I didn’t actually get my first makeup palette until I was 12 — and even then it was my sister’s hand-me-down. So why, I ask, are beauty companies’ biggest customers suddenly children?

Between all the episodes of Dance Moms and Toddlers & Tiaras we know there is a certain sect of youngins’ that get dolled up on a regular basis, but having a child-friendly beauty bag? It seems a bit extreme. We’ve noticed a steady increase of kid-proof beauty products hitting the market. From toxin free nail polish to a “structured whip” for the thin hair of toddlers, we’ve done a roundup of beauty products targeted towards this much younger demographic.

Would you buy any of these beauty products for the young ladies in your life? How young is too young when it comes to makeup? Let us know below!


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Apparently, your baby girl needs her own hair cream to tame her limited hairs. Hot Tot Structured Whip is designed for young hair, but what makes this $18 hair whip so special? "Hot Tot produces safe and naturally based salon-quality styling products for tots, so they can be stylish from the start and grow into confident individuals." At least, that's what they say. 

When Walmart stocked the child-targeted GeoGirl on the shelves a lot of people went into a tizzy. Besides the fact that it was selling makeup for children, they actually marketed their line for 8 to 12 year-olds as "anti-aging." 

It only takes a little faith, trust and Pixi dust! Natural marketing at it's finest, the cosmetic line Pixi has partnered with the most annoying Disney character to create a Tinker Bell inspired cosmetic line called PixiGlow. Obviously targeted for little girls, who like me wanted all things Disney growing up, we just hope this fairy dust is safe for little princesses. 

These "sassy shades" created by Little BU are water-based, odourless and chemical-free nail polishes that are safe for kids, but are they necessary?

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