15 Beauty-Related Conversations You’ve Definitely Had With Your Best Friend

Augusta Falletta

best friends

Some things are sacred between best friends: Those little heart necklaces that say “Besties” when they fit together, the secret combination of emojis only you understand and, of course, certain beauty-related topics that you can only discuss with your other half. Because we consider our best friends the go-to for certain conversations, we’re willing to bet that you do, too.

Below are 15 beauty-related conversation starters that you’ve definitely had with your best friend. And yes, you can feel free to go text her that secret emoji conversation so that she can laugh about this, too.

“Should I get bangs?”

“This lipstick dries out my lips. What do you use?”

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“Can you curl my hair like yours?”

“Like I want to wear red lipstick, but I’m not old enough for that yet.”


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“It’s been three weeks since I shaved my legs. There’s no point when you take sleep as seriously as I do.”

“Do you think I’d look good with highlights?”

“I hate [insert pretty friend’s name here]’s selfies. Like get over yourself.”

“Last night I had a nightmare that I lost my Naked palette.”

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“Do you think I can pull off blue eyeliner?”

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“Never let me go to sleep with my makeup on again.”

“I wish I had your [insert friend’s flawless feature that you’re jealous of here].”

“Yes, definitely get it cut. You would look so good with short hair.”

Jennifer Lawrence’s pixie cut looks so good.”

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“You have lipstick on your teeth.” *Note, you are the best kind of person if you tell your best friend she has lipstick on her teeth. If you won’t, who will?

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“I’m so proud of this cat eye. It took me 10 tries, but it looks amazing”

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