Yep, There’s Now Such Thing as “Beauty Chocolate”

Natasha Burton

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Amid the wave of super health-consciousness companies offering new ways to get beautiful from the inside out comes a new product that will make giving into your sweet tooth almost completely guilt-free. Sibu Beauty is now offering Omega 7 Chocolates ($25, in two flavors, orange milk and dark mint, which contain 250 mg of Omega-7-rich sea buckthorn oil in each (very tasty) truffle.

To find out the beauty—and health—benefits of this new kind of supplement, we turned to the experts for their opinion. Here’s what they had to say.

Why We Need Essential Fatty Acids
New York Times best-selling celebrity nutritionist JJ Virgin, author of the forthcoming Virgin Diet Cookbook, says that fatty acids are the “the cornerstone of healthy, glowing skin and vibrant health.” They reduce inflammation and provide cells with the nutrients they need for optimal function and metabolism. Which does sound pretty darn essential.

What Omega 7 Does
“Whereas Omega 3 is popular among healthcare experts, we rarely mention Omega 7,” Virgin says. However, Omega 7 shouldn’t be overlooked. It provides key building blocks for healthy skin, hair and nails both through topical application and when ingested, says Dr. Jeanette Gallagher, a naturopathic doctor.

“Omega 7 works internally to heal intestinal lining allowing the intestinal cells to better absorb nutrients and fluids,” she explains. “Healthy intestinal lining correlates with your skin’s health: If you’re intestinal lining isn’t healthy, important nutrients are not being absorbed, toxins are not being removed and fluids are not moving through the body properly.”

Therefore, not getting enough Omega 7 leads to tired, not-so-glowing skin.  “When Omega 7 works to repair and plump up the intestinal linings on the inside, you will see a positive effect with your skin’s health on the outside,” she says.

Why These Chocolate Vitamins Are Pretty Genius
Gallagher says that, in addition to being a delicious treat, a chocolate supplement is a great way to get your daily dose of Omega 7,  “because of the chocolate’s added antioxidants, which can further support the health of the body.”

However, Virgin says that, as far as a supplement goes, you’ll want to get more omegas than just lucky number seven. “For optimal health, you should take an essential acid formula that combines Omega 7 with the Omega 3s EPA and DHA plus the Omega 6 GLA and the Omega 9 oleic acid,” she says. “In the correct formulation, these omegas work synergistically to provide anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular, and other benefits.”

So, while Sibu’s truffles are not complete enough to provide all the fatty acids you need, they’ll certainly better support healthy skin than a Hershey’s. Consider these chocolates an easy way to indulge and beautify at the same time.

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