Beauty Buzz: How Many Swipes of Lipstick Are In a Tube, Maggie Gyllenhaal Chopped Her Hair, More

Rachel Adler


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1. Ever wonder how many swipes are in a tube of lipstick? The ladies at Birchbox decided to find out for us! [Birchbox]

2. Maggie Gyllenhaal has joined the pixie club, debuting a short crop over the weekend. [People StyleWatch]

3. Celebrities weren’t shy about rocking their fun nail art for the Kid’s Choice Awards, with googly eyes even showing up on nails. [Glamour]

4. In a beauty rut? Here are 20 ideas from celebrities to get you out. [Popsugar Beauty]

5. Kim Kardashian, being a Kardashian, photographed her Acupuncture experience the other day. So if you want to see a face full of needles … [ONTD]

Image via Birchbox

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