Beauty Buzz: Style Your Topknot Two Ways, Zoe Saldana’s Hair Urges, More

Rachel Adler

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1. Learn how to style your top knot two different ways, for those days that you need to be sleek, or you want to be a bit disheveled. [Birchbox]

2. The secret to shinier, softer strands of hair may actually be sitting in your kitchen cabinet. [Glamour]

3. Zoe Saldana admits that although she loves her hair, she does have an urge to wanting to chop off half of it herself, to enhance her “other virtues” instead of depending so much on her hair. [InStyle Hair]

4. “The Real Housewives” have pretty dramatic looks, but have you ever glanced at them over the years? Here are the most dramatic makeovers throughout the seasons. [Daily Makeover]

5. Audrey Hepburn also had body issues, apparently admitting that she thought she was too skinny and her nose was too big. [Jezebel]