Beauty Buzz: Secrets From “The Great Gatsby” Hair Designer, Fix Your Frizz With Tequila, More

Rachel Adler


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1. Jealous of those celebrity bikini bodies? Well, maybe it will help you to know that some of those bodies have lipo to thank for it… [Real Self]

2. Need a bright burst of color in your summer wardrobe? So do we. Instead of splurging on Jimmy Choos, find the right pink lipstick for you. [Lifestyle Mirror]

3. Hairstylist to the stars (and a slew of high-fashion runway shows) Orlando Pita has launched his own product line. [Refinery 29]

4. “The Great Gatsby” hair designer dishes on how she handled styling 300 extras for the film and how they stayed true to the 1920s. [Fashionista]

5. Fix your annoying frizz problems once and for all with – tequila?? [Allure]

Image via Lifestyle Mirror