Beauty Buzz: How to Protect Yourself From Sunspots, Nikki Reed Lightens Up, More

Rachel Adler
Model on the beach


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1. Now that summer is officially here, learn everything you need to know about sunspots – and how to protect yourself from them. [Byrdie]

2. Nikki Reed lightened up her locks (post-divorce) to a brighter ombre hue, but it’s apparently for her movie, “The Sunday Horse.” [Daily Makeover]

3. Wella Professionals has developed a salon product called which will allow stylists to no longer use foils when coloring hair (and varying colors won’t bleed!) [Press Release]

4. Here are 8 surprising facts that you never knew about eyeliner, so now you’ll know. []

5. Looking for updo ideas that still work on your short hair? Look no further. [The Beauty Department]