Beauty Buzz: Michelle Obama’s Bangs Were a Midlife Crisis, Katie Holmes’ Bobbi Brown Ad is Here, More

Rachel Adler


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1. Katie Holmes’ official ad for Bobbi Brown is finally here, and she looks better than ever we must say. [Press Release]

2. Braids are back in a big way on the Fall 2013 runways, and celebrities are getting on board. French actress Louise Bourgoin sported gorgeous Milkmaid braids the other day that we need to learn how to do immediately. [Glamour]

3. Vanessa Hudgens shows off her playful side in the March issue of Paper Magazine. [ONTD]

4. Have a bottle of Visine handy? Use it for your eyes, and then to make your skin look more clear – really! [Allure]

5. Michelle Obama comes clean about her new bangs, stating that they’re part of her “midlife crisis.” [Fashionista]

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