Beauty Buzz: Why Matte Makeup is Having a Moment, How to Curl Your Lashes, More

Rachel Adler


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1. Learn why matte makeup is about to have a major moment for the Spring 2013 season. [Birchbox Blog]

2. Find out why your lashes aren’t keeping their curl – it may be due to a simple step that you’re skipping. [Glamour]

3. Never know how to choose the right blush for you? Well, now you will with these tips! [Daily Makeover]

4. Since no year is complete without a slew of celebrity fragrances, here is a brief summary of what came out this past year. [Racked]

5. In not-so-surprising news, the Miss Universe organization has signed a deal with a fragrance licensee, so we can expect some pageantry scents soon. [WWD]