Beauty Buzz: Learn the Right Hair Color For You, Kendall Jenner is Back to Brunette, More

Rachel Adler

Red Hair

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1. The best French beauty brands out there, that you can actually snag in the states. [Popsugar Beauty]

2. After a brief hiatus of lighter locks, it looks like Kendall Jenner has gone back to life as a brunette. [E! News]

3. Want to change up your hair color for fall but not sure which shades works for you? Here’s how to find the right hair color for your skin tone. []

4. Ke$ha now has rainbow hair, and it looks perfectly like a My Little Pony tail which makes us very happy. [People StyleWatch]

5. Some celebrities look a little bit better with meat on their bones. Here are stars who look better with curves. [Daily Makeover]

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