Beauty Buzz: Lea Michele’s Asymmetrical Bangs, Lupita’s Sold Out Lip Balm, More

Rachel Adler

Lea Michele

What better way to start out the day than with the must-click talking points from around the web, curated by us. Have a story you’d like to nominate? We’ll be posting our top stories each morning, so tweet us at @BeautyHigh #BHbuzz

1. Lea Michele is currently sporting asymmetrical bangs as she promotes her new single – do you love or hate? [People StyleWatch]

2. The Humane Cosmetics Act has just been announced, which could mean the end of animal testing on cosmetics in the U.S. [Refinery 29]

3. Nicki Minaj posted a makeup-free selfie, and the refreshingly-different picture of the star got an overwhelming response. [Daily Mail]

4. Not surprisingly, Lupita Nyong’o’s Clarins lip balm sold out in less than 24 hours across the country after the Oscars. [NY Daily News]

5. We all know oatmeal is great for you to eat, but did you know it’s good for your skin too? [Daily Makeover]

Image via Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment