Beauty Buzz: Justin Bieber Stole Rihanna’s Haircut, How Old Does Your Hair Really Look, More

Rachel Adler

Justin Bieber with shaved side of head

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1. Justin Bieber is being accused of stealing Rihanna’s haircut, and honestly we’re hoping her style rubs off on him too… [Hollywood Life]

2. In honor of earth month, find which natural acne products will be the best at blasting those blemishes. [Teen Vogue]

3. Carey Mulligan opens up about how stripping down for the camera actually helped her deal with her own body issues. [Styleite]

4. The Lipstick Queen has launched a creamy blue lipstick, that promises whiter teeth, a luminous complexion and a cool berry tone. []

5. With the abundance of anti-aging products, everyone is thinking about the age of our hair – find out how old your hair actually looks. [Daily Makeover]

Image via Twitter