Beauty Buzz: Julie Bowen for Neutrogena (Again), Makeup Tricks For Blue Eyes, More

Rachel Adler
Julie Bowen Neutrogena

One of the original Julie Bowen for Neutrogena ads.

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1. Julie Bowen has been announced as the face of Neutrogena, for the second time, proving that her skin is still flawless. [Neutrogena PR]

2. Learn what the best makeup tricks are for blue eyed babes (hint – red lipstick is involved). [Daily Makeover]

3. Maria Menounos has been spotted with what may be the world’s most hideous updo. You be the judge. [Glamour]

4. Liam Hemsworth’s new girl, Eiza Gonzalez, just may be addicted to plastic surgery. [StyleCaster]

5. Skin cancer can even hit the Kardashians ladies and gents. Well, the Jenners. Bruce Jenner is currently recovering from a skin cancer scare. [E! News]