Beauty Buzz: Illamasqua’s Ads Come Under Fire, Kate Middleton Gets Bangs, More

Rachel Adler

illamasqua Beauty Buzz: Illamasquas Ads Come Under Fire, Kate Middleton Gets Bangs, More

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1. Beauty brand Illamasqua’s latest ads have come under fire for featuring models in “blackface” for their new campaign. [Huffington Post]

2. Brad Pitt doesn’t care that everyone made fun of his Chanel ad (and he apparently just found out that they did, because you know, he was busy with his travels). [The Cut]

3. Getting bored with your hair but not ready to go for a cut? Here are 5 zero-commitment ways to change up your hair. [Daily Makeover]

4. Get all of the information you need on over-the-counter acne ingredients so you can clear up your skin now. [Bellasugar]

5. Kate Middleton chopped strange little side bangs into her hair, making us wonder if we should still lust after her locks. [Twitter]