Beauty Buzz: Learn How to Remove Foundation Stains, the Hottest Nail Shades for Summer, More

Rachel Adler

Foundation Spill

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1. With Gatsby on our minds, one editor tries out Flapper-inspired makeup for an entire week, and documents her journey. [The Cut]

2. When it comes to hair color, we’re inspired by basically everything – so it makes sense that we’re also loving these Instagram inspirations. [Lifestyle Mirror]

3. Interested in going into the world of Beauty PR or simply want to further your career? Join one of the BeautyComm workshops to meet seasoned professionals, beauty editors, and publicists and learn everything you need to know about the industry. [BeautyComm]

4. Squeezed into a tight shirt and now you have foundation all over your collar? Learn how to get those stains off of your clothes ASAP. [Popsugar Beauty]

5. In need of a few new nail polish shades for summer? Here are the hottest ones to pick up now. [Daily Makeover]