Beauty Buzz: Graffiti Nail Art Inspiration, Miley Cyrus’ Beauty Evolution, More

Rachel Adler

graffiti nail art

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1. Looking for nail art inspiration? Look no further than these gorgeous graffiti nail art looks that you’ll have to have. [Lifestyle Mirror]

2. Our jaws basically dropped when we took a glance back to see how much Miley Cyrus has changed her look over the years – you have to see it to believe it. [Daily Makeover]

3. Connie Britton (the owner of the world’s best hair) stunned yet again on the red carpet the other night, this time at the FiFi awards. Get a glimpse into her award show prep. [Allure]

4. Now that we actually do need to shave our legs every day, learn how to take care of your razor in it’s high-usage time of need. [Birchbox]

5. We all love a good beauty trick, especially one that makes our prep that much shorter – here are 25 from the pros. [Popsugar Beauty]

Image via Lifestyle Mirror