Beauty Buzz: Expensive Sunscreen No Better Than the Cheap Stuff, Manic Panic Creates New Shades, More

Rachel Adler

Manic Panic

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1. Now that you have a lob, how do you style it for a fancy event? Don’t worry – it is possible, and it’s not that hard, either. [The Beauty Department]

2. Now that Cannes Film Festival has wrapped up, find out exactly how many bottles of nail polish were stocked in manicurists’ kits and how many cans of L’Oreal Elnett Hairspray were on hand for the carpet. [Glamour]

3. The cult classic hair color of choice, Manic Panic, is releasing new colors due to the current craze, but it’s founders think the Punk Met Gala exhibit may have dropped the ball on it’s “Punk-Ness” leaving out a few essential characters – and if anyone would know, it’s them. []

4. Consumer reports has released a study that the more expensive sunscreens don’t necessarily give you better coverage than the cheaper brands. [Business Insider]

5. Need a hairstyle idea for your wedding? Here are 30 ideas from Pinterest! [Daily Makeover]