Beauty Buzz: Erase All Evidence of a Cry-Fest, Beauty Issues Only Asian Girls Understand, More

Sable Yong
472190978 Beauty Buzz: Erase All Evidence of a Cry Fest, Beauty Issues Only Asian Girls Understand, More

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1. Don’t want to get caught after a quick crying session in the bathroom? Get yourself together with these helpful tips and no one will be the wiser. [Refinery 29]

2. Beauty issues only Asian girls understand? Let’s hear it for uncurlable hair AND lashes. [Teen Vogue]

3. Can’t decide what shade to color your hair? Why not both? The #splithair trend is upon us. [POPSUGAR Beauty]

4. What if every shot you drank made your skin glowy, clear, and smooth? We say “bottoms up!” to these “beauty shooters.” [xoVain]

5. Cannes Film Festival (happening now) is another occasion for celebs to walk the red carpet… and for us to see some of their great beauty looks. [Daily Makeover]