Beauty Buzz: Clinique Launches a New Nail Polish, How to Trim Your Own Bangs, More

Rachel Adler


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1. Clinique is launching a nail polish line (which is actually not their first) that is safe for sensitive skin. [She Finds]

2. The many, many uses of Botox – and how it can help everything from wrinkles to migraines. [Real Self]

3. Find out how to trim your own bangs and save yourself from constantly having to run to the salon. [Daily Makeover]

4. Learn how to dress up your keys with nail polish (and many other things!) with these fun ideas. [Glamour]

5. In their latest ad campaign, Dove had a forensic artist sketch women based off of their own descriptions of themselves – and the artist also sketches what he sees. The contrast is absolutely stunning. [Huff Po]