Beauty Buzz: Bumble and bumble to Extend Surf Line, How to Get a Painless Wax, More

Rachel Adler

Bumble and bumble surf shampoo and conditioner

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1. Bumble and bumble is launching a body enhancing shampoo and conditioner duo to go along with their cult-favorite Surf Spray, due out in May. []

2. It’s that time of year again…find out how to get a (as painless as possible) wax. [Daily Makeover]

3. Chanel has released their summer makeup collection, including two new iridescent polish shades. [She Finds]

4. Here are natural oils for just about every single skin type you could possibly have. [Glamour]

5. Sometimes that tattoo you get with your significant other (or in college) isn’t something you want for life. Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox, and many others have regretted those “permanent” decisions. [Real Self]