Beauty Buzz: Birchbox Unveils New Logo, Salmon Helps With Acne, More

Rachel Adler


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1. Birchbox has unveiled a new look to represent the company’s global expansion. [Birchbox]

2. The interwebs were abuzz when Emma Watson showed up at the premiere of “This is the End” in LA rocking a faux bob, and many were fooled by her new look. Is she testing out the shorter style? Find out how to tell when it’s a real chop, and when it’s just simply faux. [Lifestyle Mirror]

3. Learn how to banish cellulite near your booty just in time for bikini season. [Real Self]

4. Lady Gaga’s old, lost nail was sold for $12k last week – find out all the details on the nail, and who was crazy enough to buy it. [The Vivant]

5. We all know salmon is good for us, but in a recent study it has proven to cause fewer breakouts. Pass the salmon, please! [Allure]