Beauty Buzz: Become a Hair Mixologist At Home, Nikki Reed’s New Haircut, More

Jaclyn Sciara

DIY Hair Remedies

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1. Ever want to become a hair mask mixologist in your own home? Now’s the chance! [Birchbox]

2. We all know about life insurance, car insurance and house insurance, but stars also have the worry of insuring their body parts.  Find out the amount money celebrities have dropped on protecting their assets. [Daily Makeover]

3. The 10 prettiest hair and makeup styles that guys like on girls, noting that confidence is always a must. [Glamour]

4. Check out Nikki Reed’s newest haircut – do you love it as much as we do? [Bellasugar]

5. Should you be making the switch to a soy nail polish remover? [Allure]

Image Via Birchbox