Beauty Brands That Are Looking Out For Women (And The World)

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When you consider how the beauty industry is a juggernaut, pumping out products that are sometimes marketed in misleading ways or touting unrealistic standards of beauty– it’s no surprise that beauty consumers as a whole have developed a sharp sense of skepticism when it comes to where they spend their money. But aside from wanting products that WORK, look great, are affordable, and are made ethically, would it sway you to try a makeup brand that donates to causes that support women and the environment? Who wouldn’t want their makeup brand to work towards supporting the community that buys into it? Here’s a couple brands that give back for you to consider:


MAKE Celeste e Verde Palette

MAKE Celeste e Verde Palette

MAKE is the first beauty offering from Wee See Beauty, a New York-based non-profit foundation that funds and incubates women-led and worker-owned cooperatives to help change the scale of how organizations work. They aim to strengthen local economies and communities by helping smaller cooperatives thrive to make business about great ideas, shared ownership and equitable changes in society. A third of MAKE’s online sales goes towards the Wee See Beauty Foundation. When you see what kinds of beauty products MAKE offers, you’ll know that you definitely don’t have to sacrifice quality AND looks to do something good with makeup.

(MAKE Celeste e Verde Palette, $40 at


JULEP "Luna" Nail Polish

JULEP “Luna” Nail Polish

Julep started as a nail salon in 2007 and expanded the vibe of a salon filled with women sharing lives with each other to the concept behind their expanding cosmetics and skincare line. Offering their line through their Julep Maven beauty box subscription program, they source all their best beauty ideas directly from their customers via social media and direct feedback (don’t worry, you can also find them at stores and online) and their nail polishes are all named after women who inspire them. None of the products contain carcinogens like formaldehyde, Toluene and DBPs, ostensibly making them vegan-friendly. Not one to be just salon chit-chat, Julep’s Powered By Girlfriends program donates percentages of their proceeds to organizations that empower women, like the Malala Fund, Girl Up (United Nations Girls Education Fund), and the Washington Anti-Trafficking Response, which funds scholarships for survivors of human trafficking. Seems like you’re getting a lot more for your buck along with a beautiful nail polish shade or lipstick.

(Julep Nail Polish in Luna, $14 at

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Philosophy Hope in a Jar

Philosophy Hope in a Jar

Philosophy has always offered simple, great smelling and feeling beauty products without sacrificing an ethos that promotes well-being– kind of like inspiration quotes on Yogi Tea bags. They’ve recently taken that principle a huge step forward with their Hope & Grace Initiative (named after their two best-selling products)– donating a percentage of their skincare and fragrance sales to mental health charities– particularly ones focusing on issues that affect women like postpartum depression and trauma from domestic abuse. So far, they are targeting underdog community-based organizations that are helping women in the US who don’t have access to or are not getting enough mental health services from the government. Feeling good is the foundation to looking good and taking care of yourself, so it’s great that a bigger-than-small-business company like Philosophy is doing what it can to promote the sentiment of printed on their products already.

(Philosophy Hope In A Jar Daily Moisturizer, $15 at

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perfect balm

Peacekeeper Cause-Metics is an All-benefit company, meaning that ALL of its profits after the costs of running the actual business are covered, go towards charities– for Peacekeeper specifically, women’s rights and health charities. They focus on women living in poverty and work to provide them sustainable wages to prevent them from being exploited and help them take care of themselves and their children. Their spread is fairly broad though, covering a bevy of advocacy issues for women. Since Peacekeeper’s whole cause is about offering cruelty-free, ethically-sourced and organic ingredients in their products, you can find these great makeup, like these lip balms, with no filler ingredients– just effective hydration and color without unnecessary chemicals. Some of their products are USDA-graded organic so if you were to, say, slurp some lip gloss on a cracker, you can do so safely. Best to just smear it on your lips instead though.

(Peacekeeper Cause-Metics Perfect As Is Balm, $8, at

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Givescent Signature

Created by a yoga teacher’s travels to Sicily, Givescent is a fragrance brand that offers the same warm sultry scent of a summer in Italy in a roll-on fragrance, as well as other roll-on scents formulated with essential oils and free of alcohol, formaldehyde, parabens, phthalates and sulfates. There are three core scents, Givescent Signature, Green, and Orange, all of which are variations on spicy, citrusy and fresh scents. Oil-based scents are amazing because their lasting power is so much more than a spray-on eau de toilette or parfum. Portions of their proceeds go towards Every Mother Counts, an organization that aims to end all preventable pregnancy-related deaths, and Women For Women International, an organization that helps women who are survivors of war to get back on their feet with job skill training, rights education, and direct aid to help them make a sustainable living for themselves.

(GIVESCENT signature 5ml Roll-on Bottle, $48, at


Davines Oi Shampoo/Conditioner


Italian haircare brand, Davines, is pretty big on what they call “Sustainable Beauty,” an ethos the whole brand abides by in their salons, products, and packaging. They host a “Sustainable Beauty Day” in which their salons stay open later and offer donation-paid haircuts to clients, the proceeds of which go towards socio-environmental projects that support the creation and protection of forest areas, environmental upgrading, and strengthening of communities through agriculture. Davines even keeps close tabs on carbon emissions from the production of their packaging, using renewable energy (solar, wind and soil power) to run their plants and offices to create a zero-impact company that offers amazing hair products at little cost to the environment. Their Oi Shampoo and Conditioner are like magic potions for soft princess hair, so investing in these haircare products are doubly beneficial for your hair and the environment.

(Davines Oi Shampoo and Conditioner, $12-32,