Beauty Bloggers Share Their Best Beauty Secret Weapons

Aly Walansky

beauty secret weapons

We all have our secret beauty tips and tricks — and our favorite bloggers are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to tricks of the trade. Because they’ve tried just about everything and they know countless professionals in the industry, beauty bloggers tend to have the best beauty secret weapons of all. Below, they’ve shared their best secrets so you can benefit, too!

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“One of my beauty secret weapons is MAC’s Fast Response Eye Cream. A makeup artist used it to rid puffiness under my eyes before a shoot once and I couldn’t believe how quickly my skin responded to the caffeine. It’s as strong as a triple shot of espresso! I’ve been hooked ever since and on long days or sleepless nights, I even carry it in my bag.” – Jeannine Morris,

“I use Q-tips Precision Tips to clean up every cat eye I do. For years, I thought I was beyond this (Spoiler: I wasn’t. I don’t know why I thought that I was, as even Pat McGrath has to make her lines more graphic with an implement post-application) and just recently started dipping the pointed swabs into Lather Gentle Eye Makeup Remover. And like Robert Frost’s sage line in “The Road Not Taken,” that has made all the difference.”- Amber Katz,

My beauty secret weapon is toner! I never used to use it because I was worried it would dry out my skin, but ever since I started using it my skin has been 100% more luminous. It takes two seconds to apply and helps your other treatments get absorbed, maximizing their efficacy!”- Marina Acosta,

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“Keratin tip hair extensions–they’ve totally changed my life.  I have fine hair and even just a few extensions (I try not to overdue it) makes a HUGE impact and also gives me more confidence.” – Jamie Stone,

“I use a mixture of 1 cup of apple cider vinegar and 1 cup of water to rinse my hair out once a month to get rid of any styling product buildup. Leave it in for a few minutes, rinse and follow with a light conditioner. My hair is soft and super shiny afterwards!” – Lianne Farbes,
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