Beauty Bloggerati Top Ten: Post-Party Rx

Megan McIntyre

The holidays are a fantastic time to relax with a hot toddy (or four) and catch up with friends and family. But what to do when your 20-minute cameo at a holiday fete turns into all-nighter? We’ve scooped these look-fresh tips from the Bloggerati to keep you focused on getting your hands on that egg sandwich–not on how pale and tired you look.

origins ginzing eye cream Beauty Bloggerati Top Ten: Post Party Rx

1. I start first with a cold compress to decrease any puffiness. Then, I mix equal parts concealer and Origins Ginzing Eye Cream. I love this cream because it has very subtle pink brighteners that instantly perk up tired-looking eyes. I use a foundation brush to expertly apply the concoction beneath my eyes. It works like a charm! –Makeup And Beauty Blog

2. I love cooling products. One of my faves right now is Lumene Time Freeze Instant Cool Eye Stick. I don’t know how they do it, but it actually goes on feeling cool, even though it’s not refrigerated. It’s magic! –The Jet Set Girls

eye bright Beauty Bloggerati Top Ten: Post Party Rx

3. To keep my eyes looking bright and awake, even when they’d rather be catching a few more hours of sleep, I use Benefit Eye Bright Pencil on my inner lash line, and navy blue eye liner on my outer lash line (navy blue liner helps eye’s look whiter and brighter). It’s a sure-fire way to look like fresh and ready for the day ahead! –A Mom In Red High Heels

4. When all the partying is over, my hair is a wreck. I like to put it in holiday hair rehab by using an uber-repairing hair mask like Malin + Goetz Intensive Hair Mask. It’s made with fatty acids, proteins and plant extracts that absorb instantly into my frazzled strands to nourish and hydrate them, without leaving my hair feeling greasy or weighed down. After one treatment with this little wonder, my hair is soft, shiny, supple and free of any evidence of the trauma I put it through the previous night. –Beauty On A Dime

orlane absolute radiance lightbox Beauty Bloggerati Top Ten: Post Party Rx

5. Nothing wakes me up after a big night like Orlane Absolute Radiance Lightbox. If my skin is too dry, I also love June Jacobs Cranberry Pomegranate Moisture Mask. For under eyes dark circles, nothing beats Talika Eye Therapy Patch. And, the day after a big night, I carry my YSL Touch Eclat in my purse at ALL times. –Talking Makeup

6. I like MAC Fix + or Evian water to refresh your foundation and other makeup. Then I like to use Lipsense on the lips. This lasts all day and all you need to do is apply their sheer gloss to refresh. –Pursebuzz


7. I keep Visine Total Eye Soothing Wipes by my bed during the holiday season. It’s a preemptive strike against against sleeping in makeup, the ultimate beauty no-no. It battles even waterproof mascara with the greatest of ease so that I wake up looking like morning Amber instead of 2 a.m. five-drinks-deep Amber. Even if I feel more like the latter. –Beauty Blogging Junkie


8. I love using a cleansing product that really promotes circulation in the face (either a cleansing balm that you can massage into the face or a pre-moistened wipe), a really thick cream that plumps up the skin (and can double as an eye cream), and of course nothing makes you look more awake than mascara. I have a layering habit (love mixing Cover Girl Lash Blast Length, Maybelline Pulse Perfection and Pixi Lash Booster), even though it takes slightly
more time in front of the mirror. –Makeover Momma

9. EYE CREAM EYE CREAM EYE CREAM!!!! After a may-jah night of partying I use Fresh Lotus Eye Gel to de-puff my peepers. The cucumber in the gel soothes and reduces puffiness. As an added bonus I keep it refrigerated so it’s nice and cool going on ! –These Lips Were Made For Glossin

tarte cheekstain flush Beauty Bloggerati Top Ten: Post Party Rx

10. I haven’t been dealing with this issue lately due to my grandma-approved bedtime, BUT back in the day, I would always apply a rosy gel blush (like Tarte Cheek Stain in Flush) to give my face some life after an especially rough night of partying. –Hair Thursday

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