The Weird Beautyblender Hack That Makes My Skin Glowy AF

Lauren Caruso
The Weird Beautyblender Hack That Makes My Skin Glowy AF
Photo: Imaxtree

We all know the wonder that is the Beautyblender. Hell, we’ve waxed poetic about the tear-shaped sponge many, many times before—even about the myriad ways with which to use it for more than simply putting on makeup. And even though I’m a semi-recent convert (I spent the last decade or so fumbling with those tiny little triangle makeup sponges whose entire life’s purpose is to eat through your cosmetics supply), I’ve since come around, using it for everything from moisturizer to primer and, of course, foundation.

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We already knew that dipping your makeup sponge in face mist—though, I prefer pure hyaluronic acid—can make your skin glowier than if you ran it under the faucet like the directions instruct.  But during a routine Beautyblender conversation with beauty editor Chloe Metzger the other day, I realized I do something with my Beautyblender every single day that most others neglect to do.

It’s a way to look glowy AF that’s perfect for people like me who hate shimmery highlighters: When you’re done with your makeup, face powder and all, dip your already-damp Beautyblender in a face oil of your choosing (I like Vintner’s Daughter’s Active Botanical Serum or Immunocologie’s Super 7 Elixir), and dab it along your cheekbones, up your temples, and around your brows in the same C-pattern you’d use if you were applying highlighter. This usually works better with a yellow-tinged, thicker face oil on my olive skin-tone, but I tried it on my friend who has a deep skin tone and a clear face oil like Skin Inc’s B3+ look a bit more natural. I’m lucky in that I have minimal hyperpigmentation at the tops of my cheekbones, so I can afford my tinted moisturizer to move around a little but (though, for what it’s worth, it usually doesn’t). Either way, this move is particularly good for winter when your skin needs all the hydration it can get—my eyes are the first place to look cracked and thirsty—or for those rushed mornings when you have no time to bother getting your highlight just right.

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Plus, it’s the easiest, no-fail way to make sure you don’t sparkle or shimmer, but rather, glow.