Forget Blotting Papers: The Blotterazzi Is Way Better for Your Oily Skin Needs

Rachel Krause

beauty blender Forget Blotting Papers: The Blotterazzi Is Way Better for Your Oily Skin Needs
I know now that there’s nothing inherently gross or humiliating about having oily skin, but that realization was a long time coming. In middle school and high school, I was absolutely certain my shiny T-zone was the most disgusting, embarrassing thing ever. But I lived through it, and now I barely think about it on a day-to-day basis. With the right skin care and makeup regimen, I’m still a little slick by the time I leave work, but I’ve learned to roll with it.

As a certified Very Oily Person, I was intrigued by the buzz surrounding the brand-new Blotterazzi by Beautyblender (2 for $20), especially because I always carry blotting papers with me. But blotters invariably end up crumpled at the bottom of my purse, which is not cute, or worse, don’t really work the way I want them to. This might be an unpopular opinion, but I always find that they leave my skin looking a lot drier and duller than I’d like, zapping any semblance of a healthy glow and moving my makeup around in the process.

The Blotterazzi got some major press earlier this week after Allison Janney accidentally brought some “blotting thing” on stage with her at the Emmy Awardss. The “blotting thing” in question was, indeed, the Blotterazzi—its bright pink color was unmistakable, even as she tossed it aside to accept her award. It was insanely hot in L.A. the day of the ceremony, so the fact that Janney’s makeup artist sent her out with the blotting sponge rather than the traditional powder is a testament to how much people are loving it.


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Made of the same material as the beloved Beautyblender, when used dry as it’s intended, the Blotterazzi stays “thirsty” (their word, not mine) and sucks up excess oil without messing with your makeup. It promises that you will stay looking fresh and radiant, which is exactly what I was always hoping for with standard blotting papers. It also needs to be properly washed only about once every 60 days, which is music to my ears since I hate taking time to wash makeup brushes and the like.

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So I put the Blotterazzi to the test, comparing it with an unnamed blotting paper from a pack I’ve had rolling around in my purse for months. If it’s good enough for C. J. Cregg, it’s probably good enough for the rest of us, but I wanted to know how it held up against a standard blotter.

The blotting paper I used picked up a fair amount of oil—and that’s good; that’s what it’s meant to do. But when I looked in the mirror, I found that my skin had that lackluster finish that I so loathe, especially in the under-eye area. I also had some weird lines of makeup around my nose where the paper had shifted my foundation around. I ended up spritzing on a revitalizing mist in an effort to look less dead.

Then I gave the Blotterazzi a try. For starters, the packaging is a lot cuter than what you get with blotting papers—and it’s a lot easier to toss in my purse, which is exactly what I’m going to do with it. The flat teardrop shape is pretty ideal: You can tackle larger areas with the wide side and smaller areas, like the sides of your nose, with the thinner one.

After use, there was no oil or makeup to be seen on the surface of the sponge (I am grateful for this), and my oily T-zone looked noticeably toned down in the shine department. Bonus: I didn’t wind up with the dullness or makeup disruption I get with blotting papers. In fact, it helped to better blend and reset my makeup in areas where it had begun to crease or cake from the day’s wear. The end result was a face that looked fresher, not just … more matte.

The verdict is in, and it says that the Blotterazzi is seriously impressive. It seems pricey at first for something that amounts to bright pink sponges, but when you think about how quickly you can go through blotting papers, the cost is actually pretty fair. So if you find yourself spending far too much time in front of the mirror blotting, reapplying makeup, then blotting some more, the Blotterazzi may be exactly what you need. It’s made my battle against shiny skin that much easier.

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