Beauty Banter: How Do I Apply Dark Eyeliner Smoothly?


Dear Beauty Banter,

I want to do strong eyeliner but I’m having trouble getting a smooth, straight line. Do you have any tips for getting the perfect line?


Ann-Marie from Connecticut

Dear Ann-Marie,

Creating a smooth and sleek line can be challenging, especially without the correct formula and tools to acheive a perfect sweeping and/or straight line! The trick is hand dexterity, brush and formula.

Here is the easiest way to acheive your desired look!

TIP: Shop for a creamier based cake or pencil liner (make sure it is a smudge-proof/waterproof formula!) From my experience, pencil liners tend to pull and grab the skin, resulting in a “skipped” line. I suggest Maybelline’s new Master Drama Cream Pencil Liner to prevent skips.

My favorite technique is the following:

1.Use a good quality, slightly stiff, eyeliner brush (be sure the brush has a tapered edge).

2. Lay the brush on it’s side, and twist the brush into the cream liner. (Never hold and press the tip, this will result in a non-sleek and smudged line.

3. Using a mirror, look downward and wedge the brush against the base of the upper lashes laying on a side angle. Then, apply inner to outer.

TIP: Layer the liner to thicken the outer corner to add style.


Pamela Taylor, Makeup Artist

Pamela Taylor is an internationally recognized authority on makeup. She is based in New York and does beauty for the print and fashion. Taylor is also a published author and cosmetic industry consultant. For more information visit

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